Apple computers and mobile devices are easy to use yet sometimes getting them to communicate together can be a challenge. The Apple environment when working properly allows us to create content and express ourselves in so many ways. It can be simply writing an email to family and friends or it can be complex graphic design, digital audio/video. The only thing that matters is that it works properly. MacCare brings over 25 years of experience to address your concerns.

MacCare services to manage your working environment

Over 25 years serving the Mac Community

Mac Support

Your key to successful computing is a healthy Mac. It doesn’t just happen; over time you need to perform tasks to keep it healthy.

Mobile Support

Managing mobile devices has it’s challenges. MacCare: Fixes your mail issues, Manages your Apple ID, Syncs your devices together

eMail Support

We all depend on our eMail to work properly but at times it becomes unmanageable. MacCare responds quickly to resolve your communication woes. Setup and Troubleshooting all eMail clients

Mac Service & Consulting:

On Everything Mac:

Networking, Windows integration, Servers, Printing integration, Software installs, Resolve Out of Disk Space issues, Backup and more

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